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Date of Updating: 15 February 2022

There are so many social media which already provide us lots of benefits in different ways itself, with all this some of the benefits still lacks in social media which need to be fulfilled for the purpose of “true social media”

Now and then we stick with some particular boundaries every time we use social media because of limited options which becomes boring after some time and this is pretty normal because it said that “Whatever we use everyday and we get used to it become a part of our life with the feeling of not using is every time”

Which means to say that – new things excite us.

With keeping all this in mind we have Introduced – Hydear a brand-new social media with true social media features with amazing users’ interface and tons of options.
With all that, we keep in check with the privacy which matters a lot – and the color pink denotes women safety.

We bought Hydear with a vision to provide all the social need a person want in their day-to-day life – if it’s a social media which used for the purpose of “Entertainment” or a social media for the purpose of “Business”

When we mix “learning or Business with “fun” then we indulge in that even more.
With all this let’s understand the real features of HYDEAR.

Features of Hydear
The vison of hydear is huge and now we are providing all the basic features which every social media should have and those features are:

Feed Options – as we scroll through and we can able to discover hell lots of things from a celebrity or from your friends just attended a party and post their picture with their loved one or a news which is bit terrifying or some joke, or someone get heartbroken sharing his feeling or hydear is celebrating someone’s birthday in a greeting format which all you can able to see in hydear feeds, amazing right.
And the more amazing thing is they all come with new style which you will feel for the first time. Login Hydear and get used to it.

“A Simple interface is the best vision to understand everything easily”

Stories – we all have everyday stories which we consider saying to other which we can’t able to express, some express them in diaries but words are hard to express them rather than a picture or a video do isn’t it?
So, Hydear also have a story option which you can able to save in your social media by just clicking them from your camera, not just a photo but you can also able to share your video or write something very interesting which you want to let other with words only. Cool right – then don’t wait just login to hydear and share your daily stories and ask your friends do the same as well.

Chats – connecting with your friend who is staying two clicks away from you or staying in other city or even other country the “Chat” option bring all close together with long hours of discussion with various things without any hurdles in between thanks to – end to end encryption with hydear.

The more you talk with your friends the more you connect and the more you connect the closer you feel of each other. Just not chat – use amazing emoji options which is available in hydear which even more allow you to share your feeling and help the second person to understand your feeling.

“A great chat removes your unnecessary burdens from your brain – and make you happy”

Just not solo chat – check the group chat option introduced in hydear. Don’t just connect with your one friend staying 2 clicks aways but also connect with several friends at a time – share amazing pics, emoji, videos, and many more and everything which let express feeling to one another helps to connect even more.
Ooh! Looks like you have a BGMI group! Just one group message in hydear app and you all are good to play.

“Hydear – the first ever make in India Social media, because we believe in privacy”

Pages – you might have the best products to sell or you’re the funniest person in your group, or you’re a fitness freak with huge fitness related knowledge or you’re someone with great knowledge of music, don’t keep this knowledge to a certain area but share with this with a whole world.
Which will be solved by “Page” option available in hydear.
Think of a unique page name – create your page and start sharing all your information you have in that page. You can express them in Hydear Page using – photo, video or by written information and hydear where hydear help your page to reach those pages to particular destination it requires.

With Hydear Page option you can get famous and can also help a lot of people with your benefits as well.

“Start with a fresh page because you can write a lot only in a fresh page”
Hydear is a brand-new app – which is new and also have a tendency to make you famous pretty easily as compare of the already existing social media out there with trillions of users.

The short videos – why we keep this behind, Hydear also have an option of making short videos as well which allows you to create some informative as well as funny video and share them in hydear short video apps. This feature is a trend and we get this feature with more advance options as well.
Login to hydear and start being famous.

“A short video can put bunch of life changing information for other”

This all are the amazing fun-based features of hydear – what if we can able to create a website?

Website Builder with Hydear
When we think of starting a business, its obvious to have a website because this all make a brand trust isn’t it?
But building a website required money for hosting, domain with knowledge of coding and time as well where – Hydear a complete social media with a vision to solve every problem of connectivity with problems ease up this work as well.

Hydear have an option – Create Website where you can able to create website within few minutes only. Just click the options fill some information and BOOM! Your website is ready in front of you for FREEEE…

This all can only be possible using hydear only – share that website with your friends or run your business and many more!

The strong Advertisement with Hydear.
Creating a website or a page becomes easy with hydear, but how to take those pages with other people?
This problem is solved with the – Advertisement with hydear where we will promote your “Website” or “Page’s content” made in hydear social media to other in amazingly different ways.
Once you create your advertisement – and let’s say you want to advertise your product in the state Punjab then your advertisement will automatically get converted into three different languages – Hindi, English and Punjabi which will automatically increase the reach of audience to your website or page and the selling of your products as well.
This will increase the trust value as well.

“A language from a particular region brings up the sale as well and repeated customers”

Once you login into Hydear – this all are the amazing features you can able to see and use them without any doubts because “hydear is a make in India app with full privacy concerns”

The features of the future – Hydear
Hydear wants to become a social media with all social media features with upgrades – with new “User Interface and with New “Trust” and there is some option which need to come up with Hydear and hydear “features of Future are:

Hydear Zone – it doesn’t matter your someone from 80s, 90s or from 20s, hydear will bring all the comics, books, news, songs, movies of all time in one option which is “Hydear ZONES” Here you can do what you have never think off and when this will launch then the full described options will get updated here soon!
But what ever will come that will let you to think about hydear again and again!

The World of your dreams: this is the new concept which will come to hydear pretty soon and will get updated in here with full update as well!

And many more new features to come with hydear – to stay tuned with that login with hydear and start inviting your friends as well.

Let’s make this India social media app to the top of any other social media other their as because – we need to believe in the word “MAKE IN INDIA”.
The date privacy and privacy are the top thing – where Indian Government is trying to banned all the apps which have the problem to data transfer out of India.

Switch to hydear and feel safe in the new world of social media
Login Today: www.hydear.com